Tao-te-ching comment on para 18

Here you can talk about the main Taoist topics such as Tao, Yin-Yang, Wu, Wu-Wei.

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Tao-te-ching comment on para 18

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I read the paragraph and the comments after it. It seems to me if the one follows the way, governs by it, lives by it they would be in harmony with all. Look at nature and see how all work together for the health of the environment. All co-exist together with the one true source. It is natural, free flowing and it works. There is a purpose and design to how all work together. Look at what man has done to the environment and you can plainly see the damage done to the echo system. It is unnatural and unhealthy. Man wants to control what he sees and surveys. Man thinks he knows what is best to what he rules and controls. Man circumvents the natural process, design, purpose , harmony of the way , the Tao.

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Re: Tao-te-ching comment on para 18

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It seems you mistaken Tao-te ching for a natural philosophy or ecology, the same like ours today. It is not such things in the Tao-te ching. Harmony is not linked with the way natural forces work and so forth. Harmony is yin-yang related. That is, a concept which is missing in the West!!!

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