Always -this-

Tell us about your interest in Taoism. How did you find the Tao and what it means to you? Are you a practitioner? What you hope to attain through your practice?

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Tin Soul

Always -this-

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I strongly feel like I have always been a Taoist, I just didn't know it until recently.
But I feel like -this- is how I have always felt. This is what fits.
This is how I have always wanted to be.
This is how I always will be, connected, one with the Tao.
How can it be any different? Is it possible to forget?

I grew up in a fundamentalist branch of Christianity that was defined more by what it rejected, than accepted.
Far from some casual indoctrination, I was immersed in that restrictive doctrine day after day for many years.
At some point I decided I had nothing to fear from any tough questions about my faith, and that was when the spell began to be broken.

The very first time I read the Tao Te Ching, I knew it was 'right'. I could feel it's 'right'-ness.
I haven't delved into any of the other Taoist literature yet, only the Tao Te Ching.
At first I thought that it was a collection of random wise sayings, but now I see that there is a flow of thought throughout.
And that flow of thought is to try to catapult the reader beyond the words themselves, to find whatever the core truth is.
What an amazing little book!

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Re: Always -this-

Post by laotan »

When you study the Tao you feel like knowing him since the very beginning. This is so because Tao is not something one must study and learn about but the Nature itself, that is, the way things are happening in the Universe. This is nothing new.

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